OPNSense with Zerotier Setup – Network Bridge

OPNSense with Zerotier Setup – Network Bridge

Below are the steps required to get Zerotier setup on your OPNsense router to act as a network bridge between your Localnetwork and Clients with Zerotier client installed on remote networks.

In ZT network screen:

  • Managed routes:
    • An IP assigned to the ZT network for the range selected e.g.
    • For the device the service runs on (OpnSense) there is a destination for to LAN of the ZT network IP range you’ve set e.g.
  • Auth
    • Activated for OpnSense appliance on device above
    • Activated for Mobile device on managed

On the OpnSense appliance on

  • Packages
    • ZeroTier integration package installed.
  • Interfaces
    • ZT interface enabled on static IP without IPv6.
    • IPv4 address is assigned to the IP of the device in ZT
    • Upstream set to auto detect.
  • Firewall Rules ZT
    • Action: Pass
    • Interface: ZT
    • Direction: In
    • TCP/IP: IPv4
  • VPN Settings
    • Enter your ZT network ID and enable

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